Institutional Clients


Itaú BBA Securities, the brokerage arm of Itaú, has the largest trading floor in Latin America and the largest Investment Research coverage in the Brazilian market. We also offer a wide-ranging global sales platform with offices in major financial centers like New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and São Paulo.

With the infrastructure and services of Itaú BBA Securities, backed by Itaú Bank and Itaú BBA Investment Banking, we can provide integrated solutions and "one-stop shopping." We offer a comprehensive, integrated set of top-notch brokerage solutions, with both personalized, high-touch, and automated, low-touch, services.

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Itaú BBA Securities offers the most comprehensive portfolio of electronic trading services in the Brazilian market, covering the main product segments such as stocks, futures, options, derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange and securities lending. Our competitive advantage lies in the global strategy of reaching customers wherever they may be with reliable and flexible solutions. This is ensured by continued investment in both in-house development and strong partnerships.


We are connected through the leading global financial networks, which enhances the performance and reliability of our solutions. The networks include:

SFTI NYSE | CME Globex | BT Radianz | Marco Polo | Bloomberg

We offer a robust and sophisticated platform for routing orders to the Brazilian market. Our connections help us address the needs of high frequency trading clients, allowing thousands orders per second with just a few microseconds of trade response latency.
Itaú BBA Securities is the only company connected to both CME Globex and NYSE Euronext-SFTI network, enabling fast connections to the Brazilian market. Itaú BBA Securities can also establish connections with other financial networks, which allows us to tailor solutions to the needs of our clients.


You can use our racks at the BM&F Bovespa, Latin America’s leading exchange, helping you make your deals with less latency. Itaú BBA Securities was the first company in the Brazilian market to launch a co-location service at the exchange in 2009.


Through its multiple platforms, Itaú BBA Securities can offer the best trading system for investors who want to enter the market without complications.

Pre & Post

Our proprietary web-based platform, called SAG, handles both the pre-trading and post-trading phases. SAG allows traders, middle office managers and risk managers to administer and monitor trades and risks in real time.

Risk Management

Our risk management features include:

  • Simulations of the margins needed
  • Calculation of margin for illiquid assets
  • Portfolio risk monitoring
  • Marked-to-market positions
  • Risk Simulators

Itaú BBA Securities has the largest trading floor in Latin America. Our traders come from diverse backgrounds, and this helps us generate unique trading options. We put a lot of effort into understanding the needs of our clients so that we can offer them the best opportunities in the Brazilian market.


We are Brazil's largest broker for institutional clients, a fact that gives us excellent operating liquidity. We also have top-notch order execution algorithms. Our Equities Sales Traders are available on a daily basis to provide our clients with updated overviews of market events, backed by our Investment Research department.


Speed, transparency and privacy


Largest bank-controlled Brokerage Firm on the BM&F Bovespa; able to operate with all listed derivatives.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

As the largest bank in Latin America we are also the market leader in FX, and we do our best to give our clients the best rates possible.

The Itaú BBA Securities Investment Research team provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of Brazil’s equity and debt securities markets, in addition to developments in macroeconomics. With its deep understanding of local markets and access to top corporate managers, our research team can provide unique perspectives and ideas about investing in Brazil.

  • Our 38 equity analysts cover 122 companies, comprising 98.8% of the Ibovespa Index.
  • We sponsor the largest and most prestigious annual CEO conferences in New York, London, Tokyo, Korea and Singapore.
  • Recognition: Top 3 Research Team in Brazil every year since 2006 - Institutional Investor magazine.
Quantitative Research

The Quant Research Team develops state-of-the-art allocation models based on advanced research in the field of Econophysics, which draws on areas like Behavioral Finance, Statistics, Bio-Inspired Computing and Physics.


Under the leadership of Ilan Goldfajn, Itaú's Macroeconomics Department boasts 16 economists who are experienced in the analysis of national and international trends. The members of the group have sound academic backgrounds and are highly skilled in the formulation of scenarios.

When investors use a carrying broker, they assume counterparty risk. This implies that client funds are subject to the same risk. To avoid undue risk, a strong local partner is essential. And, as your business in the region grows, it is important to be able to count on someone who can grow along with you.

The Derivatives Clearinghouse structure:

Our Competitive Advantages

Itaú BBA Securities provides a centralized clearing facility and collateral requirements that are netted across all deals under management. Given its size and the scope of its operations, Itaú BBA Securities is better prepared to do business at all times, especially under challenging market conditions.

Our unparalleled and comprehensive web-based Clearing platform, known as SAG, allows clients to obtain:
  • Real time trade positions in the market;
  • Approval or rejection of give-up trades;
  • Risk monitoring and margin calculation of liquid and illiquid assets;
  • Detailed Profit & Loss positions;
  • Easy integration with your system
  • A consolidated view of multiple assets

Securities Lending with Itaú BBA Securities represents a business opportunity in the Brazilian market. The ability to lend assets adds operating efficiency and flexibility to your strategies and your operations in arbitrage, cash equities, and the futures markets. In Brazil, the client replaces the customary swap transactions with local operations by using a non-resident account which assures transparency, speed and, especially, lower costs.

Competitive Advantages

Itaú BBA Securities is a market leader in Securities Lending both as borrower and a lender. That means it can offer excellent liquidity and prices. This emerges in part from the fact that that Itaú Bank boasts the largest client base in Private Banking in the country - and in Brazil this segment represents the largest source of securities available for lending. We also offer a specialized Operations Desk to receive your requests and define the features of your operations. We use systems that maximize performance and enhance over-the-counter market efficiency. Your will receive notification of your operations upon closure, and also receive confirmation reports through your Back Office.

Our brokerage has been recognized for its excellence and has won prominent positions in important rankings:

  • First in Stock Loans - 2009*
  • First in Custody - 2009*
  • First in Clearing - 2009*
  • First in Investment Research - 2010**
  • Top 3 in Cash Equities - 2009*
  • Top 3 in Derivative Equities - 2009*

* Source: BM&F Bovespa

** Institutional Investor