Institutional Clients


When you need a custodian in Brazil, it is important to choose a partner like Itaú that can address your needs securely and effectively. Itaú has been providing Custody Services for over 35 years and has more than BRL 862 billion under custody. It is the 3rd largest sub-custodian in Brazil, with BRL 61.6 billion under custody and a 9.8% market share. Further, the bank is also positioned as the largest ADR sub-custodian and sponsored BDR depository bank with approximately BRL 142 billion under custody as of June 2012.

Itaú offers integrated solutions for Latin America. Focusing on efficiency and operational procedures, it has been recognized globally for its excellence, notably receiving the Global Custodian award as Best in Class for Leading Clients (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) and Cross-Border Clients (2010, 2011) 

  • Best Sub-Custodian Bank in the Americas and Caribbean Region 2011, 2012 - Global Custodian magazine
  • Best Sub-Custodian Bank in Chile 2012 - Global Custodian magazine
  • Top-rated Subcustodian for Leading Clients and Cross-Border Clients - Global Custodian magazine 2011
  • Best in Class in eight categories by Leading Clients - Global Custodian magazine 2011 survey
  • Top-rated Bank in Brazil by Leading Clients - Global Custodian magazine 2011 survey
  • Award for Excelence 2011 (Uruguay) - Global Custodian Magazine
  • Best Sub-Custodian Bank in Brazil for 2008 and 2009 - Global Finance magazine
  • Best Sub-Custodian Bank in Uruguay 2009, 2010 and 2011 - Global Finance magazine
  • World's Best Foreign Exchange Bank (Brazil) 2009 - Global Finance magazine


  • Direct access to local markets in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina
  • Strong market presence - participation in industry associations
  • High standards for Risk & Compliance procedures
  • Operational Controls:
    • In-house management tools with metrics to evaluate:
      • Itaú and client performance
      • Broker settlement performance
    • Focus on Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Timely market updates
  • Automated Securities Lending Facility and securities transfer messages
  • Derivatives
  • Multiple Communication Options:
    • SWIFT or Website (Access Control and Maker-Checker)
    • Reports - Cash forecast and Intraday and daily reports for settlement
  • Contingency Procedures
  • FX solutions