Institutional Clients

Alternative Investments

Kinea is an independent and innovative alternative asset management firm partially owned by Itaú (80%). It is led by a team of professionals with extensive experience . The firm seeks superior returns for its investors. It makes investment decisions based on rigorous analysis, with an emphasis on risk management. The firm is distinguished by its strong work ethic and independence.

The name Kinea is derived from the Greek word kinētikos, which means to move. The name reflects the high energy, fast-paced environment and our ability to adapt to new challenges - not to mention our never-ending search for innovative solutions.

Our competitive advantages include an outstanding team of professionals, continuous innovation and a strong relationship with Itaú. As a result, Kinea provides superior returns and long-term value in alternative asset classes.

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Kinea emphasizes long-term asset preservation and risk diversification. Independent investment strategies take different risk factors into consideration, and investment professionals are directly responsible for decisions. They are backed by investment committees to strengthen the analysis.

Kinea offers three asset classes, each managed by an independent team:

  • Hedge Funds


    Hedge funds that aim to achieve superior returns through investments in domestic and international markets, using instruments that involve interest rates, FX, stocks, government debt, and quantitative strategies.

    Total Return Equity Strategy

    Hedge funds that aim to achieve superior returns through investments in stocks, indexes, and derivatives - taking long and/or short positions.

    Quantitative Strategy

    Hedge funds that aim to achieve superior return through investments in stocks, derivatives, and fixed income instruments.

  • Real Estate Equity

    Equity (or quasi-equity) investments in residential real estate development companies and selected commercial real estate developers. Strict eligibility criteria are used to screen investment opportunities, the best of which are submitted to an investment committee. Kinea’s Real Estate Equity fund offers local and foreign investors an opportunity to diversify their real estate investments with the benefit of professional management. It also gives developers an additional source of funding. The fund may participate from the beginning in certain real estate projects.

  • Private Equity

    Kinea’s Private Equity Investment Fund (known by the acronym FIP in Brazil) invests in a broad cross-section of companies in the Brazilian economy. Kinea's expertise in Corporate Governance, Finance, and Strategy, and its extensive network of relationships within Brazilian corporations, helps to add value. The fund will take controlling or non-controlling stakes and will invest in growth capital, small to mid-sized buyouts, and private investment in public equity (PIPE).
    Kinea’s Private Equity FIP will also generate proprietary deal flows based on its relationship with Itaú, which has relationships with over 50% of the target mid-market corporations.